2020 FALL


October 5-7, 2020 : Bryce, UT

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Enhancing the learning environment in the K-12 schools of Utah


Oct 5-7, 2020

Ruby's Inn, 26 South Main Street

Bryce Canyon City, UT 84764

UFOMA has something for everyone that has anything to do with educational facilities in Utah.

For over thirty five years, the primary focus of UFOMA has been to provide Utah’s K-12 children with the best possible learning environment, with a focus on educational facilities in Utah including public education, charter and private schools.

The diversity of its members makes UFOMA a great resource for all aspects of educational facilities; architects, engineers and business administrators who plan and design the facilities, custodians and maintenance personnel who maintain the facilities, risk managers and safety personnel who keep the students and buildings safe.


UFOMA works closely with other state agencies to ensure its members are in compliance with all local and national statutes

Oversees the regulation, inspections and plan reviews of schools and state buildings.

Insure and protect State assets, promote safety, and help prevent losses for State Risk Fund participants which include School Districts, and participating Charter Schools.

The state board of education provides up to date information that affects how  school facilities are constructed and maintained.



For questions and comments email customerservice@ufoma.org

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